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Dear Customers,

Thank you for choosing OKADU ! In order for us to give you the high level of service you deserve, please read the following conditions carefully and be sure to keep your warranty card and original sales receipt handy for all warranty claims.

Warranty Commitments

1. We provide warranty for our products for a period up to 5 years. Within the period covered under warranty, we will repair or replace any OKADU product that has ceased to function properly. Please refer to table below for warranty periods for different products:

CategoryWarranty Period
flashlight,headlamps and Bike Light60-month free repair
Charger,rechargeable batteries and remote pressure switch12-month free repair

Warranty is applicable only to products and accessories listed above.

2. Limited lifetime warranty: Upon expiration of their respective warranty periods, all OKADU products will receive continuing support through our limited lifetime warranty. The limited lifetime warranty covers labor costs and maintenance with the exclusion of accessories or replacement parts.

OKADU will replace malfunction products with an upgraded model in the same series or one that of similar performance for customers if replacement can’t be made within due time when certain products are discontinued or for other reasons. 

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