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LED flashlight / LED Headlamp / Bike Light FAQ

1-The flashlight is hot after running for a long time, is this normal?

Running the flashlight in high brightness mode needs high-power, so it is normal that the light gets hot. For daily use, OKADU recommends using flashlights in general mode and not running the flashlight for an extended period of time. It is recommended to run it less than 10 minutes at maximum output to avoid overheating.

2-What should I do if the flashlight flickers or does not work?
There may be several reasons: 
Reason A: the battery is dead. 
Solution: replace batteries (please confirm the correct installation of anode and cathode). 
Reason B: there is dirt on the screw threads, interface of PCB and other contacts. 
Solution: clean the contact points using a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. 
Reason C: the head, main body or internal parts of the tail cap are loose. 
Solution: apply some Vaseline on the O-ring and screw the head and tail (including inside parts of the tail) tightly. 
If the methods above do not work, please contact the distributors and refer to the warranty policy below.

3-How about the water-resistant capability of OKADU products?
All models of OKADU flashlights are water-resistant. They can be used in the rain and shallow water. Some models are noted for different water depths and can be used within the noted depth. For instance: OK-DT06 can be used for 120M water depth.

If I want to be a distributor of OKADU, what should I do?
You can contact us by email okadu@okadu-tech.com or call 0086-755-2331 0903. We will evaluate your local market and reply to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again for choosing OKADU!


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